We have vast experience in the field of business law. We take care of advising our clients in matters of commercial contracts, taking part in the negotiation and preparation of all types of business and commercial contracts.

We help companies in matters of Company Law, handling all types of corporate transactions, such as takeovers, mergers or acquisitions, processing due diligence and advising companies in matters of the responsibility of the partners and directors.

We handle all the legal formalities that may be required of a company, such as registration, preparing corporate agreements, appointing administrators, help in board meetings and writing minutes.

We offer our clients the possibility to retain our legal service in this field, by paying a fixed monthly fee, tailored to each company´s requirements, which allows them to optimise the costs of handling these types of formalities.

The scope of services which we offer include, amongst others:

Company Law

  • Incorporation of corporations and civil associations.
  • Drawing up and/or amending the articles of association.
  • Internal partner agreements, Covenants.
  • Drawing up minutes and attesting all types of company agreements, such as: renewing appointments of officers, statutory modifications, approval of annual accounts, policy of dividends, remuneration of the directors, increasing and/or increasing share capital, changing the registered office, etc.
  • On-going support and advice in the decision making of the company management bodies.
  • Trading company stocks and shares.
  • Legally representing and assisting shareholders in the Annual General Meetings and the boards of directors.
  • Preparing and transcribing the resolutions passed to the company’s minutes.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies.

Trading of companies and businesses

  • On-going legal advice in the midst of the negotiations for the purchase of companies.
  • Studying, drafting and preparing contracts, documents and agreements reached.
  • Reviewing and legalising the relevant administrative licences for running the activity of the businesses.

Commercial contracts

  • Advising and preparing all types of commercial contracts: agency, distribution, partnership, franchise, business rentals, logistics, outsourcing, etc.
  • Studying, preparing and adapting the legal paperwork to the current company legislation: suppliers’ contracts, invoices, delivery notes, general terms and conditions, data protection act.