At COLORADO & DE ROA ADVOCATS we have strong experience in defending companies in criminal jurisdiction, mainly based in participating in legal proceedings for financial crimes.

Since the significant reform to the Penal Code as per Organic Law 5/2010 dated 22nd June, criminal law has become more prevalent in the business sector, as the said reform established, for the first time, criminal liability for legal entities, in line with Anglo-Saxon customs. Therefore, since then, legal entities may be considered to be perpetrators of crimes and may be convicted for them with independent sentences which are different to those which might be imposed on the individuals who have acted on their behalf.

The aforementioned has brought about a sharp increase in our areas of practice of preventive criminal law and corporate compliance, whereby we devote ourselves to advising companies in the different measures which they can take, so as to avoid committing criminal offences, which is done by means of a close cooperation with the other areas of practice, with the aim of proposing the strategies and all-round solutions.