At COLORADO & DE ROA ADVOCATS we advise companies with economic difficulties to make the right decisions either to restructure and survive, or, where necessary, to legally and properly dissolve.

The consultancy we offer in this field comprises of all the financial, fiscal, commercial and labour aspects of companies, as well as all those which may arise from the decision to begin insolvency proceedings, be it for the permanent closure of the company or as a means of restructuring and refinancing, and, thereby, to continue trading.

The following are included amongst the topics covered in insolvency law:

  • Feasibility studies of companies and individuals.
  • Company restructuring.
  • Refinancing debts prior to insolvency.
  • Representing and defending creditors to recover outstanding receivables.
  • Pre-insolvency proceedings.
  • Requesting creditors meetings of individuals and legal entities.
  • Disposing of profitable parts of companies undergoing bankruptcy.
  • Acquiring assets or liabilities of companies facing financial difficulties.
  • Legal proceedings resulting from the social responsibility of the administrators of insolvent companies.
  • Liquidations and dissolutions of corporate entities.