We advise our clients on the various issues which may arise in this diverse field, as much in extrajudicial, as in legal and arbitral matters.

This field covers:

– The right of the individual, understood as comprising of all aspects which directly affect the individual and his or her relationship with others. Proceedings for disability, kinship, separation, annulment, divorce and, generally, all aspects related to family relationships, as well as probate and inheritance formalities.

– The formalities and procedures of ownership rights, which include the links to property and the means to acquire it, proceedings and formalities related to homeowners’ associations and, generally, all matters connected to joint ownership of common property, as well as all aspects of rentals, contracts and evictions.

– Obligations and contracts, legislation of legal acts and transactions, as well as their consequences and implications.

– Construction Law, participation in proceedings and claims for construction mistakes and hidden flaws, with the help of qualified appraisers to provide their expert opinions in the defence of our clients’ interests.

– Civil liability law, by means of filing proceedings to claim for civil liability resulting from traffic and other types of accidents, for the non-compliance of obligations and contracts, with special emphasis nowadays on consumers and users against the non-compliance of utility companies or those marketing goods and services.