Our team has vast experience in the field of inheritance.

You can rely on our ongoing and personalised support and guidance in all matters which may arise in connection with the transfer of assets through hereditary succession, as much in an extra judicial capacity, by means of preparing and filing the inheritance acceptance deeds, as in a judicial capacity, participating in the proceedings to declare heirs, claiming for inheritances and legal rights or the dividing of estates.

The financial and tax issues are very important in these circumstances. At COLORADO & DE  ROA we rely upon professionals who will advise you on preparing and paying the relevant taxes which result from these asset transfers, offering the best possible financial planning.

  • Preparing wills
  • Contesting wills
  • Accepting and granting inheritances
  • Legally claiming for the acceptance of the inheritance
  • Claiming inheritances and legal rights
  • Declaring heirs intestate
  • Negotiating and dividing estates both in mutual consent and in disputed cases
  • Financial planning of the inheritance