We guide and advise those who have a business idea which they would like to pursue. We offer the entrepreneur a complete advisory service with the aim of helping and supporting him or her both in the initial phase of the project and in its development and growth.

Given the growth of new innovative-technological companies, or startups, over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to be involved in the creation and registration of several new companies, offering our resources so that those who have an innovative idea may get the assistance they require to make their dreams come true.

We offer a complete consultancy service and we provide a lawyer specialised in the creation of new companies, who not only has a legal perspective but also an entrepreneurial one, and who will guide you as much in the legal and commercial aspects of the new company, as in looking for external financing and the extra capital required from already established companies that are fully operational, and that want to make investments without resorting to bank financing.

Through an ongoing and personalised consultancy, and one which best adapts to each client’s needs, you will receive, in the different phases of your company’s growth, the legal security and confidence that you are making the best decisions.


  • Choosing the best type of company and its legal incorporation.
  • Studying and analysing the regulations applicable within the relevant sector of activity.
  • Drawing upo the partners’ agreements and preliminary documents so as to regulate the relationship between them.
  • Protecting the intellectual and industrial property of the brand, trading name, logo, trademark and/or patents.
  • Implementing and adapting the company’s website to the data protection and ecommerce laws and, where necessary consumer protection law.
  • Legalising the business by obtaining the licences and permits necessary for its launch.
  • Drawing up commercial contracts and confidential agreements.


  • Submitting, liaising and providing legal advice in the so-called “Funding Rounds” with private equity firms or so-called “Business Angels”.
  • Company’s due diligence.
  • Drafting the investors’ “Letters of Intention” & “Memorandums of understanding (MoU)”.
  • Contracts of convertible equity loans.
  • Divestiture procedures and sale of the company.